Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beers for Inauguration Day

Ol' hopey, as Wonkette calls the president-elect, is getting sworn in Tuesday. That calls for a beer to celebrate change we can believe in or to drown your sorrows, depending on which side you're on.

The obvious answer here is Ale to the Chief! from Avery Brewing in Boulder. It's a big, hoppy IPA (8.75 percent alcohol, 65 IBUs) brewed specifically to welcome the new president and released in a brown bottle wrapped in gold. Unfortunately, it's a limited release and may be difficult to find at this point.

Another good choice: Sam Adams (available at Liquor World, downstairs from Camino). Adams was America's brewingest founding father.

Republicans, of course, will want to drink Coors and drunk-dial Sarah Palin.

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