Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Steamworks brews ale with Riesling

Steamworks Brewing is working on its Ale Diablo, a fall seasonal.

Ale Diablo is going to be dramatically different this year, with a new and innovative recipe from brewers Ken Martin and Spencer Roper that incorporates the German white wine Riesling.

“Typically, Belgian double blonde ale is the style we brew for the Diablo,” Martin said in a news release. “But we’ve used juice of Riesling grapes during fermentation, plus a Belgian strong golden yeast strain for the first time this year. The aroma of the beer is more spicy and peppery with hints of clove and fruit. On the palate the beer will have a light, soft malt character with slight green apple tartness and a hint of citrus.”

Unfiltered, this fall seasonal brew will have an ABV of roughly 8.6 percent, be pale golden in color and feature a bright white head. Steamworks will bottle it in 750 ml. bottles instead of 22 oz.. bottles, with a cork instead of a cap.

“The Diablo will go great with lighter proteins such as chicken and fish,” Martin said. “Fresh salads with citrus fruit components will be complemented very nicely as well.”

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