Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, dear readers. Enjoy yourselves tonight but stay safe. Drive sober, or better yet, don't drive at all because not everybody will make good choices.

I'll be enjoying Halloween with some friends and a mini-keg of Ska ESB (5.7 percent ABV, 58 IBUs).

Kegs ain't cheap. It was $57 for the five-gallon keg. That's a total of 40 pints, so it comes out to $1.43 per pint.

The other issue is the deposit, which was north of $100 for the keg and tap. Brewers in general have been charging fat deposits for kegs to make sure they come back. A couple of years ago, breweries were having big problems with people selling kegs for scrap metal.

Deposits help make sure people return the kegs, but it may be a barrier for some people to drop more than $100, even if they get the money back.


  1. Sog-

    I agree about the high deposits....even though I am a big supporter of SKA, I will not buy a keg from them because of the deposit amount. I will go to my fav local liquor store and put down a $30 deposit for my 1/2 barrel of Modeus.


  2. I didn't have a problem paying the deposit, but I can see how some would. Not everybody has an extra $130 all the time. Incidentally, I got my deposit back from Ska without any problems.

  3. Soggy-

    I guess I should note that my kegs are not for a weekend party, they sit in my kegerator for 2-4 months...I guess thats why the $100 is more of an issue for me.