Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Steamworks to limit distribution

I missed some sad news while I was gone: Steamworks Brewing Co. will cease distributing outside of Southwest Colorado, reports my Durango Herald colleague Dale Rodebaugh.

This follows on the heels of news in November that Steamworks would shutter its Bayfield production facility.

In tandem, the two moves make sense. Without the production capacity of the Bayfield plant, Steamworks no longer has the ability to fulfill its accounts in Texas and other states.

Still, it's unfortunate for beer drinkers outside of Colorado who like Steamworks. It's one less opportunity for people to try Durango beers.

Steamworks will now revert to being a Durango brewpub with a 1,400-barrel capacity, a fairly small operation. Here's hoping the brewery will continue brewing good beer there.


  1. I'd hoped to snatch up some of the last Steamworks product in the Phoenix area this afternoon. Found two bottles of their Imperial IPA at a local purveyor but they were 4 months past their date....still thinking I may go back and grab the if the stock will all be gone from this area.

  2. Eureka! Found Steamworks stout on the shelves of a local AJ's Fine Foods - and not past its date. Snagged a bottle and may go back for some IPA I saw.