Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series beer recommendations

It's fall, when a young man's fancy turns to the World Series, the best-of-seven, do-or-die contest that determines which team is the best at the world's most beautiful sport. (You can't tell me the Broncos are worth watching).

So we have the Texas Rangers facing the San Francisco Giants. For Giants fans, the beer recommendation is easy: Anchor Steam, first bottled in 1971 and arguably American's first modern craft beer. It is widely available, relatively affordable and at only 4.9 percent ABV, it won't make you pass out on your couch by the seventh inning.

Nevertheless, I would not argue against any of Northern California's finely wrought craft beers from breweries such as Russian River, Sierra Nevada or Lagunitas Brewing. There is no shortage of choices for supporters of Lincecum and the Kung Fu Panda.

Rangers fans have fewer choices, as Texas is not a craft-beer mecca on the level of NorCal. I'd recommend Shiner Bock, which is brewed in Texas and is also widely available and relatively inexpensive.

I briefly considered New Belgium's new Ranger IPA (6.5 percent ABV, 70 IBUs), but that's brewed in Fort Collins, not Fort Worth, and as a Colorado resident, I cannot allow Texans to claim another part of Colorado just because the beer happens to have a similar name to the baseball team. (Vent, seethe, recover).

So there you have it. Play ball!


  1. Anchor is definitely the beer to go for--few breweries are as closely associated with a city or as iconic. (I'd go with their porter, though, personally.)

    But seems like we can do better than Shiner. How about something from St. Arnold--Texas Wheat, maybe?

  2. A good point, Jeff, but I haven't seen any St. Arnold beers in the Durango area, and I've never had one. I doubt they distribute here. There's just a dearth of beers from the Lone Star State that are tasty and widely available.

  3. Ironically, Texas residents have pretty good access to Ska and Avery brews, at their friendly Central Markets (which are incredible upgrades over Whole Foods, etc).

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