Monday, December 6, 2010

Beer of the Year nominations

The advent of December means it's time to start thinking about Beer at 6512's Beer of the Year award, my annual pick for Durango's best new beer.

The winner will be announced in early January. The criteria: New or substantially changed beers brewed in Durango for commercial release (in bottles, cans or on tap) during 2010. This means old favorites are not eligible.

Looking back at my posts this year, the early contenders are Durango Brewing Co.'s 20th Anniversary Ale, and several from Ska Brewing Co.: Clancy's Black Beer, Oak-aged Orange Cream Stout, Saison Du'Rango, Dementia and Sour.

Ska won the 2009 Beer of the Year award for its Wheelsucker Wheat Ale, an excellent imperial hefeweizen brewed in collaboration with Avery Brewing Co.

Ska has a bit of a built-in advantage because they release more new beers than anyone else locally. Durango Brewing only released the one this year that I'm aware of, while good beers can come and go from the taps at Steamworks and Carver's in anonymity.

What's your favorite new Durango beer? What have I missed?


  1. I have a similar award for Oregon beers, and this was a terrible year for new releases. (My rule is that the beers have to be regular ones--seasonals are fine--not one-offs.) There were literally fewer than ten, at least than I know of.

  2. Actually, Jeff, the Satori Award inspired my initial Beer of the Year award last year. I think it's good to reward excellent brewing, and to encourage the release of new beers.

    I have to count one-offs in my little contest; otherwise the pickings would indeed be slim.