Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ska imperial Pilsener almost ready

Ska Brewing Co. is close to releasing its Big Shikes Orange Blossom Imperial Pilsener, a beer brewed in collaboration with Jonathan Shikes of Westword.

Ska brewer Thomas Larsen with the double Pils.
The super-Pils will be on tap at Old Chicago restaurants in the Denver area. A short supply will be available at Ska's tasting room, says head brewer Thomas Larsen. The beer will be tapped May 16 for American Craft Beer Week.

Big Shikes comes in at 8.7 percent ABV and 73 IBUs, so we are indeed talking about a big beer here. It would be illegal in some states.

Shikes and Larsen essentially used an amped-up pilsener recipe for it, adding orange blossom honey.

I had a quick taste of it for which I had to put down my Mexican Logger. Let me tell you, there's a difference on your palette between a 4.2 percent ABV beer and an 8.7 percent ABV beer. The Pils was hot!

Big Shikes was still being filtered. I'm looking forward to trying the finished version.


  1. Interesting choice with Old C's, although I have a certain affinity for that place despite it's "chain-ness", plus there's one downtown I can get to easily. Hoping I catch the update when the stuff is ready.

  2. Any word whether this will be available in bombers? or will it just be on tap for a short while?

  3. Larsen said Ska may bottle a small amount. I wouldn't expect it to be around long.

  4. Will it be available at the HQ on the 16th?

  5. It sounded like that was what they were leaning towards, but it's not set in stone. Might be worth a call before you head down there.