Monday, April 20, 2009

A visit to Steamworks

Soggy Coaster sat down with Steamworks brewer Patrick Jose a few days ago for an informal chat.

Patrick hails from Texas. He studied geology at Texas Tech before committing to a brewing career. Like many brewers, he started on a small homebrewing kit.

Patrick has been at Steamworks a little more than a year. He is head brewer for the Durango pub. Steamworks also has a head brewer in Bayfield, and a director of brewing operations who oversees them both.

A firkin of dry-hopped Tax Alement, a seasonal ESB, was on tap. The dry-hopped version was far hoppier and more interesting than the standard brew. Soggy Coaster also sampled a personal favorite, the Backside Stout (6 percent ABV, 28 IBUs), only this time on nitro.

Thanks to Patrick for the beers, and Soggy Coaster looks forward to trying more forthcoming brews from the Steam team.

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