Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Victory is mine

Soggy Coaster has been working his way through a six pack from Victory Brewing in Pennsylvania, split evenly between the Whirlwind Wit and Prima Pils.

One can't really go wrong with any of their beers, but Soggy Coaster was in the mood for some easy-sipping summer brews.

A summer seasonal, Whirlwind Wit is a Belgian-style wheat beer. It pours very pale, almost white. The taste is wheaty, fruity and refreshing. If you like Ska's DIFF, you'll like this, too. It's well worth checking out.

Prima Pils is oddly hoppy for a pilsener. Perhaps Soggy Coaster should have been tipped off by the hop cone adorning the bottle label of this year-round brew.

If you're a hophead, the Prima Pils will appeal. I personally preferred the Whirlwind Wit.

(Logo courtesy Victory Brewing).

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