Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanksgiving beers

Thanksgiving is a fantastic beer-drinking holiday. I know I'm looking forward to having the day off for the first time in years.

It also represents a chance to stretch your beer-pairing skills. This Seattle beer blog has some good suggestions, focusing on Belgian styles. But personally, I want to go another route. It's just too damn cold to mess with saisons.

I'm thinking two dark beers: one big, assertive beer, and another I can drink a few of.

For the big beer, the obvious choice has been aging in my fridge for months: Deschutes Black Butte XXI, a massive 11 percent ABV super-porter that was brewed with coffee and chocolate nibs and aged in whisky barrels. I'm eager to try it.

For the smaller brew, I'm considering a few choices. Durango Dark Lager (5.8 percent ABV, 20 IBUs), Full Sail's Session Black and Deschutes Obsidian Stout (6.4 percent ABV, 50 IBUs) would all work well.

There is a so much selection out there that it's difficult to narrow the choices. Nevertheless, it's a good problem to have.

What do you think? Surely I've overlooked some good turkey-pairing beers.


  1. The dark lager's don't do it for me when it's cold out and I'm in the mood for a dark beer. I like both Durango Dark Lager and Full Sail Session Black, but they're too light bodied for me most of the time.

  2. At our family get together in Ohio, my cousing always brings a few pony kegs of his local brewers offerings. I never put a lot of thought into the "pairing" for example, but I always enjoy it.

  3. Does anyone know where to buy Sessions Black in Durango. I drink it at the bar in Seasons but can't find it at a store.



  4. I snagged a 12 pack of the Session Black Lager myself and now see it's on your list. I think it's a good, low alcohol pick for a big family group. Later tonight, back at the HQ, I'll probably sample something a little heavier - Gordon Biersh Winter Bock or Anderson Valley Winter Solstice but nothing as high as 11% abv. Great post, great topic, great blog. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Mark: I believe Star Liquors at Florida Rd. and CR 250 sells 12-packs in boxes. If memory serves, they're in a stack near the beer fridges.