Thursday, April 15, 2010

Durango Dark wins silver at World Beer Cup

Durango Dark Lager won the silver medal in the American-style dark lager category at the World Beer Cup last weekend in Chicago.

Durango Dark (5.8 percent ABV, 20 IBUs) was the only locally brewed beer to win a medal. The Durango Brewing beer has long been one of my favorite locally brewed session beers.

The World Beer Cup is a highly prestigious competition, probably second only to the Great American Beer Festival, and even that's arguable.

Full Sail Session Black took the gold in Durango Dark's category.

The winner's list shows a few trends. California has really stepped up over the last few years.

I guess it was inevitable that the nation's most populous state would eventually produce as many or more good beers than any other state. And it's worth remembering that the craft brewing revolution started in California with Anchor Brewing and later Sierra Nevada.

Congrats to Durango Brewing on its medal.

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