Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Derail Ale, with bubbles

Durango Brewing had its Derail Ale (8.5 percent ABV, 44 IBUs) on nitro over the last few days. Soggy Coaster tried one Tuesday night. It was fantastic. The nitro made an excellent beer even better. A nice, creamy head lingered in the pint glass all the way to the bottom.

Unfortunately, Soggy Coaster's friend drank the last one, but hopefully the brewery will put Derail back on nitro soon (the un-nitro version is of course still available).

A bit of unsolicited advice: Durango Brewing should hype Derail Ale as much as possible. It is easily their best beer.

Durango Wheat, Amber, Dark, etc., are good enough beers. But just about every brewery in the country offers a similar basic lineup. Derail Ale, a 2008 GABF Gold Medal-winner, is something special.

By the way, Tuesday is pint night at the brewery, 3000 Main Ave. Regular pints are $2, while seasonals and Derail are $3. Helluva deal.


  1. OMG, so good on nitro, I want to marry it.

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