Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Steamworks cans Third Eye Pale Ale

Steamworks Brewing Co. has begun canning its Third Eye Pale Ale, the brewery announced this week.

Third Eye Pale Ale (6.4 percent ABV, 65 IBUs) is now offered for off-premise sales in 12-oz. aluminum six-pack cans, in addition to the 12-oz. bottle six packs. It is the second Steamworks beer to be packaged in a can, alongside Steam Engine Lager.

"For a brewery to begin canning any of its varieties, it is a big step purely because it requires a major investment of time in label approval, and in production and purchase of packaging materials.” said Brian McEachron, Steamworks' director of marketing and sales, in a news release.

Ska Brewing is canning its newest beer, Modus Hoperandi IPA (see below). Oskar Blues in Lyons was the first craft brewer to can its beer, beginning in 2002 with Dale's Pale Ale.

More from Steamworks:

"A complicated design, the Third Eye artwork required Steamworks to employ a new process for the cans’ production – called Iris – which allows for more colors to be transferred on to the can.

"Advance press checks were required before the run of more than 300,000 cans was launched. Initially, Third Eye cans will be available throughout Colorado, Texas and Virginia.

"Third Eye is reminiscent of the English ales that date back to the early 1800s and, in Steamworks’ extensive beer repertoire, is one of the most heavily hopped beers. The larger grain bill does, however, produce a residual sweetness, and the Third Eye Pale Ale features an appealing light, copper color.

“'We’re pleased with the response to the Third Eye Pale Ale,' McEachron said. 'Along with all craft brewers, Steamworks has endeavored to educate the consumer and garner enhanced appreciation of these more flavorful craft beers. Those who enjoy the Third Eye have definitely acquired a sophisticated beer palette. It’s the beer of enlightened patrons in Southwest Colorado.'"

Them's fightin' words!

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