Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Osiris's Homebrew Competition Crowns Winner

Chris Vest took home "Best of Show" at Osiris's Homebrewing Competition last weekend.

Vest's Merlot Stout will be brewed with Ska Brewing Co. for release in the Durango brewery's Local Series.

Orion Kingman came in second with "Soaring Saison," while Patrick Schneider took third with "Quest for Utopia Rauchbier."

The event was a preliminary battle for the Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am Competition.

Homebrewers often toil in obscurity, so it's awesome that the Snowdown event brought the brewers out of their caves.

Soggy Coaster didn't have the chance to try any of the winning beers, but he loves the sound of "merlot stout." Yummy.

Full results here.


  1. This was fun, too bad I missed the festivities- but glad to see I placed! It would be cool next time to have us submit more beer than just two bottles and allow the hoi poloi to taste too.

    hey how come I can't post with my Google profile I made above?

  2. Try looking right below where you type the comment for a "Comment as" pull-down menu.