Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Draft reviews Ska Ten Pin Porter

Draft, one of the best beer magazines out there, reviews Ska Brewing Co.'s Ten Pin Porter in the January/February issue.

The magazine awarded Ten Pin Porter a score of 90 out of 100. The review says:

A slight smokiness with a robust roasted aroma rises from the bubbly but thin head atop this almost-black brew. But while the roasted quality dominates the nose, a sweet malt presence and a touch of banana esters hang in the background. The taste is one continuous wave of sweetness, driven by a mouthfeel akin to a thin dark chocolate shake. Hops are present, but inform more sweetness than bitterness, while caramel malts combine to create a very smooth, juicy porter. The mouthfeel turns a bit sharp at the end, but a prolonged sweetness in the finish prevails.

The review is online here.

1 comment:

  1. frankly, that review makes me long for a glass bottle of ice cold budweiser. but i'm glad ska is getting good press.