Friday, February 26, 2010

Ska, Durango Brewing, impress at firkin fest

Ska and Durango Brewing representatives traveled to Colorado Springs last weekend to take part in the Firkin Rendezvous festivities held at Bristol Brewing.

Ska Brewing Co. brought its Thrilla in Vanilla, according to the Colorado Springs Independent. The vanilla-flavored ale is simply Ska's Steel Toe Stout that has been hanging out in a firkin with vanilla beans.

It's good. I had a taste at Ska HQ not long ago (right place, right time), and the vanilla fit right in with Steel Toe's flavor profile.

The Independent also reports that Durango Brewing Co. brought Kama-Sumatra, which sounds like Durango Dark Lager with coffee beans. I haven't tried it, but Durango Dark is one of my favorites, so it ought to be good.

It's always fun to see what goodies breweries break out at festivals, and it sounds like Durango's made a good showing in Colorado Springs.


  1. Reading this right around breakfast time, and both those beers sound super appetizing.

  2. Thrilla is at SKA now as well....