Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Preview: Durango Brewing's 20th-anniversary ale

I stopped by Durango Brewing Co. on Monday to taste the brewery's upcoming 20th anniversary Belgian-style ale. Brewer Damon Scott poured a glass straight out of the fermenting tank for me.

It's still finishing, but the ale is expected to land around 8.2 percent ABV and 27 IBUs. The initial batch is 15 barrels (465 gallons).

It pours a light golden color with a little bit of bubbly white head. In taste, it's closer to a Belgian-style wit than a saison, I'd say. The orange and coriander flavors come out. It's fuller-bodied and not as dry as a classic saison.

Pilsener malt forms the base, with a little wheat and chocolate malt rounding out the profile. It's hopped with Czech saaz hops.

Durango Brewing's release should be out by the end of March. It's shaping up well, and I'm looking forward to trying to final product.

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