Monday, March 15, 2010

Ska Brewing sales grow 54 percent

Sorry for the dead air, dear readers. I typically try to post at least twice a week, but I've been busy with other things lately. Let's get to it.

Ska Brewing Co. announced last week that its sales increased a "whopping" 54 percent. Usually, I'm pretty careful about using words like "whopping," but it's justified here. Volume rose 46 percent.

The craft-beer industry as a whole saw sales increase 10.3 percent and volume grow 7.2 percent, according to the Brewers Association, an industry trade group.

So, two bits of good news. It means that more people are drinking good beer and supporting small, independent breweries. It also means that Ska in particular is kicking ass.

The Durango brewery opened a new $4.8 million, 24,000 square foot headquarters in Sept. 2008. That has given Ska the ability to fulfill more demand.

“We’ve been really fortunate," Ska President Dave Thibodeau said in a news release. "Double-digit growth every year since we started allowed us to build the new facility, and that allowed us to keep pace with growing demand last year. Our beers continue to be well-received, and craft beer in general keeps gaining popularity every year. As craft beer geeks, we love to see that. It’s good for the industry, for craft beer fans and for Ska.”

I would also credit some of the growth to Modus Hoperandi IPA, now Ska's best-selling beer. It debuted in February 2009 and has found a very enthusiastic audience.

I don't have information on growth at Steamworks or Durango Brewing, but I'll report it if I can get it.

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