Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama's beer diplomacy

President Barack Obama will meet over a beer Thursday with the Harvard professor and Cambridge cop whose encounter has led to a national discussion about race, law enforcement and constitutional rights.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters there's nothing on the agenda but a "cold beer."

Reuters reports that the cop, Sergeant James Crowley, prefers Blue Moon, the Belgian witbier brewed by MolsonCoors. Professor Henry Louis Gates is said to prefer Red Stripe or Beck's.

Blue Moon is a fine choice, even though it is made by one of America's brewing giants. There are better witbiers out there (Avery White Rascal, Ska DIFF), but Soggy Coaster won't begrudge Sgt. Crowley his Blue Moon.

Red Stripe and Beck's are disappointing choices - two boring, undistinguished imports.

A much better choice would be something from Gates' and Crowley's hometown Cambridge Brewing Co. Perhaps the arresting officer, professor and president could settle the truth over a Tall Tale Pale Ale?

Or perhaps the host would prefer to serve something from his homestate Kona Brewing Co.? Longboard Lager is well-liked. Or maybe, to remind his visitors of where he truly started his road to the White House, the president could select a beer from Chicago craft brewer Goose Island.

Apparently, the president is busy with some sort of health care thing. But he ought to seriously consider Soggy Coaster's advice. A meeting of such import deserves good beer.


  1. Soggy,

    Looks like NPR has been reading your blog and getting story ideas.

  2. Yeah, lots of people have been writing stories on this. It's the lead article on Slate right now.