Monday, July 20, 2009

Ska, Avery tour Colorado

The fellas from Ska Brewing Co. and Avery Brewing Co. have launched their Tour of Colorado.

On bicycle, the brewers will wind from Boulder to Durango over six days, conquering nine mountain passes in a 426-mile journey.

When they arrive on Friday, July 24, the brewers will release Wheelsucker Wheat Ale, a much-anticipated (by me, anyway) collaboration beer, at Ska HQ in Durango. (Specifics on that later this week).

Dave Thibodeau, co-founder and president of Ska, is blogging the trip over at Wheelsucking Brewers.

Each night of the tour, the bicycling brewers will stop at a brewery to raise money for charity and further the brewing brotherhood.

Soggy Coaster wishes the travelers well, and has high hopes for the beer. Stay tuned for more.

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