Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ska Mexican Logger earns props

Ed Sealover, who writes the Denver-based Beer Run Blog, named Ska Brewing Co.'s Mexican Logger his "Surprise Beer of the Festival" for last weekend's Breckenridge Beer Festival.

Here's what Sealover had to say:

All I'd heard about Ska's Mexican Logger before the show was that some Hispanics did not appreciate the picture of a sleeping Mexican beside a chainsaw on the label, feeling it might be stereotypical. The only place my mind went after sipping this, however, was to the sharp smoothness and great malt texture that made this seem like a totally different beer than other Mexican lagers, which can look and taste shockingly similar to urine in a bottle.

That was my reaction to the taste, too (although I wouldn't describe it as "sharp smoothness" - a phrase that would seem to be a contradiction in terms, but in fairness to Sealover, describing beer can be tricky). Mexican Logger tastes nothing like Corona, which is a good thing.

One wonders how Hispanics feel about the bottle label. The only comments I've heard about it came from sensitive white people, and I often find minorities aren't nearly so sensitive as the self-appointed guardians of political correctness. Intent, I think, matters more than content when talking about race and ethnicity. To a point.

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