Monday, June 1, 2009

Avery revamps website

Avery Brewing in Boulder has completely revamped its website.

This is fortunate, because their old website looked like a '90s-era placeholder from the days when people had websites just to post basic information. Their new website is worth tooling around.

Avery, in my opinion, is one of the best breweries in Colorado, and it's right up there with the best of the best nationwide. The man behind the brewery, Adam Avery, isn't afraid to brew the kinds of beers that beer geeks love: Belgians, imperial stouts, barrel-aged beers brewed with Brettanomyces yeast.

Thankfully, Ska distributes Avery locally. They're in most Durango liquor stores. So far, I haven't had a bad Avery beer, and I fully endorse the ones I've had: India Pale Ale, Out of Bounds Stout, Karma Ale, Brabant, Salvation, Czar, Fifteen, Ale to the Chief! and Collaboration Not Litigation.

Their run-of-the-mill brews, like the stout and the IPA, are always well-balanced and tasty. Their special releases like the Collaboration Not Litigation Belgian blend are truly special.

Of local interest, Ska is brewing a collaboration beer with Avery. It'll be something like an imperial hefeweizen. The breweries are planning to release it in July. (This according to my next and final installment of the Dave Thibodeau interview). Soggy Coaster has high hopes for this beer, given its provenance.

I'm hoping to visit Avery's tasting room while I'm in the area two weekends from now. Expect a full report.


  1. I haven't tried it. Imperial IPAs aren't my cup of tea. But for those who love the freaky-hoppy beers, I imagine Maharaja is the cat's meow.