Monday, June 22, 2009

True Blonde at sea

Ska Brewing Co. will distribute a commemorative label for its True Blonde Ale in the Durango area in a promotion tied to the Dames at Sea musical at the Henry Strater Theatre.

This is from Ska President Dave Thibodeau:

"Dorn Roberts, our artist who lives in Portland, designed the promotional material for Dames at Sea. He's into pin-up art and the Dames at Sea chick was drawn with a live model.

We have a special Dames at Sea label on our True Blonde bottles for about the next two months - we thought it would be a fun project to do with the Henry Strater Theatre. Sophie Parrot, the theatre's manager, approached us about talking to Dorn and this is what it evolved into.

The collectible
bottles will be sold around Durango and at the Strater during the run of the show, and if anyone brings in six of the labels they get 10 percent off their ticket price."

Dames at Sea opened Friday and continues through Aug. 15.

Ska and Roberts produce some of the most interesting bottle labels in the country, as evidenced by their inclusion last year in a Pennsylvania art-museum show.


  1. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but how is True Blonde?

  2. Sorry I missed your comment, Benny. True Blonde is good. It's a bit of a locals' favorite around Durango. It's certainly a light ale, but pretty tasty.