Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beers around town

Soggy Coaster would like to draw your attention to a few classically styled beers currently on tap that our Durango brewers have absolutely nailed. I can't write up full reviews on all of them, so please permit me some capsule reviews:

1. Our Bock, Steamworks Brewing. This was the first beer Soggy Coaster tried on a long day around the "Who's Your Daddy?" festival in downtown Durango last weekend. Steamworks' offering falls in the maibock category, a very old German lager style. I really enjoyed it. Our Bock is dry, hoppy and a little bitter. You'll want a glass of water on the side. You'll also want to watch the booze. I don't have the exact ABV figure at hand, but it was around 7-8 percent. Certainly worth your hard-earned dollar during its limited time on tap. B+

2. Power House Porter, Carver Brewing. Porters are admittedly not my favorite style. Frankly, they can be a little boring. Usually, a stout seems somehow sturdier, more satisfying. But Soggy likes to give credit where credit is due, and to keep in mind that tastes differ. To that end, if you like a good porter, Carver's has it. Power House is a little on the sweet side with lots of malt flavor and aroma. The porter is part of Carver's continually rotating seasonal roster, so get it if you want it. B-

3. Durango Dark Lager, Durango Brewing. Part of the pleasure of living in a good beer town for several years is revisiting beers that you may have overlooked. For me, this was one of those. Dark Lager, a year-round staple at Durango Brewing, pours a big, malty head. The malt aroma, courtesy of crystal and chocolate malts, is pronounced. Hops recede into the background. An IPA, this is not. But if you find yourself in the mood for a well-brewed lager that puts malt at the forefront, Dark Lager (5.8 percent ABV, 20 IBUs) fits the bill. B-

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