Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Working on it

Soggy Coaster is working on a long post about a trip last weekend to the Front Range that included stops at Avery Brewing, Great Divide Brewing and the Falling Rock Tap House.

In the meantime, your correspondent enjoyed a pint of Santa Fe Prickly Pear Hefeweizen at Lady Falconburgh's in Durango last night. It was refreshing. The pear note was subdued, unlike in Carver's tasty seasonal Braggot. Unfortunately, like most hefeweizens, the Sante Fe brew disappeared before I realized I was drinking it. I hate it when that happens.

Also, as Anon. helpfully noted in a previous comment, Russian River's Pliney the Elder remains on tap at Falc's. I have no idea how much is left, but it was still there as of Monday night.

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  1. Sog-

    I look forward to reading your post about Denver and thanks for the Falc's infor....the wife and I will be there this eve for a PP Hefe and Pliny!