Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Things to do in Denver (when you're alive)

Soggy Coaster is driving to Denver on Thursday for a long weekend in the city. This means two things relevant to Beer at 6512:

1. Blog posts will be a little light here until next week.

2. I welcome your suggestions, particularly from my Front Range readers. I'm planning to visit Avery Brewing in Boulder, Falling Rock Tap House and maybe Great Divide Brewing. Perhaps Wynkoop, too, if there's time. Is there anything else I can't miss?


  1. Did you know that there is a brewery inside Coors field, but the beer is not available inside? You can get it at falling rock I think.

  2. Dustin- I am pretty sure you can get into the Sandlot and drink their beer, but on gamedays only and from inside the stadium.

    Soggy- having lived in downtown Denver for a year recently, I think you have a good lineup so far.....but if your going to be in Boulder and have extra time I would go to Boulder Beer as well....then venture on up to Lyons to Oscar Blues.....as always, drive safe!

  3. Anonymous - good call, I was probably talking to someone who was bitter that you can't just walk into the Sandlot and order without atrtending game.

    And agree with you on the other boulder breweries.

    I also have to suggest Bull & Bush, great eats and great beer. Under the radar and delicious. Crafty beermakers.

  4. Also, if your a fan of European brews, My Brothers Bar has plenty on tap....and some of the best burgers in Denver. 15th and Platte

    If you really wanted to go to the Sandlot, you could buy a $4 Rockpile ticket just to get into the Stadium....not worth it in my opinion since the Sandlot is owned by Coors, so the beers are really nothing to rave aboot.

  5. Concur on My Brother's Bar. Though, not a brewery, delicious burgers and a cool atmosphere. right by REI so you can get your new backpacking gear picked up as well.